Project Name Implementation of a new algorithm for the fast intersection of unions of sorted lists
Project duration 22.02.2010 ~06.05.2010
Project Description This master project is intended to implement a newly proposed fast intersection of unions of sorted lists using forward lists, presented in Efficient Interactive Fuzzy Keyword Search1, WWW 2009 Madrid Conference.
A linear-time lists intersection algorithm is also implemented, to provide running time comparison base line.
Supervisors Prof. Dr. Hannah Bast
Marjan Celikik
Participant Zhongjie Cai

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1 : Ji, Shengyue and Li, Guoliang and Li, Chen and Feng, Jianhua (2009) Efficient Interactive Fuzzy Keyword Search. In: 18th International World Wide Web Conference, April 20th-24th, 2009, Madrid, Spain.