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General information:

This side provides information about a Bachelor-Project which is called "MovieOrganizer".
It was written at the University of Freiburg by Mirko Brodesser and supervised by Prof. Hannah Bast.
It was developed from March-April 2010, as a parttime-project.
The goal was to write a program which allows the user to have a good overview over his movies
and to give him the possibility to find a subset of movies after his own criteria.
Program efficiency:

We made a test with 100 movies, the result was:
a) 22x correct movie-information.
b) 18x correct alternative movie-information.
c) 09x no movie-information.
d) 51x wrong movie-information.

Reasons for b:
the service returns the titles sorted by DocId, therefore the first title is often not the correct one.

Reasons for c:
the filename didn't include the whole title, often only one word; the title was written as one word.

Reasons for d:
same like the reasons for b); Words where included in the filename which were not part of the title but words of other titles (e.g. "english", "german", "eng", "ger", ...); Spelling mistakes; The service had the title only in one language; Numbers were written as words (e.g. "three" and "III").
Program features:

It connects the movies which one has on the harddisk with its IMDB-information.
Filters allow the user to find movies with specific attributes.
The provided information includes:
1) Title
2) Director
3) Year
4) Duration*
5) Genres*
6) Rating*
* = Currently not supported by the IMDB-service.
Programming language and background information:

The program was written in java. The server which organizes the IMDB-information was provided by Prof. Bast and supports fuzzy search.
The program tries to extract the title from the movies filename, which is not trivial, if the filename also contains words which are not part of the title.
Javadoc & code:

The code consists of two packages: one for the user-interface and one for handling the imdb-requests. All in all there are seventeen .java files, with 2573 lines of code. They contain thirteen classes.

Click here to get to the code-documentation.

Click here to download the code.
Usage info (client):

Just download the jar-file and start it with "java -jar MovieOrganizer.jar".
The only thing you need is java and some movies.
Usage info (server):

0) Only relevant for those who have the access.
1) To download the imdb-data (from FU-berlin): make imdb.csv
2) To generate the index: make all
3) To start the server (runs on port 9999): make start
Download (client):

Version 1.0, last update: 16.04.2010: MovieOrganizer.jar

Click here for a screenshot

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