step by step

  1. prepare a directory for the project, its source and deploy (here: ~/icecite):
    mkdir ~/icecite
    mkdir ~/icecite/src
    mkdir ~/icecite/deploy
  2. checkout project from svn to src directory:
    machine:~/icecite/src$ svn co
    A directory ~/icecite/src/claudius+erik+ivo will be created.
  3. playce your dblp.xml and dblp.dtd in ~/icecite/src/claudius+erik+ivo/data
  4. Note: for next step google web toolkit SDK has to be installed. That means, in icecite.conf PATH_SDK should point to the directory you extracted into.
    Note: Make sure ant and tomcat are installed on your system.
  5. go to ~/icecite/src/claudius+erik+ivo/cfg/ and change icecite.conf for your needs (example)
  6. go to ~/icecite/src/claudius+erik+ivo/java/InvIndex and execute ./compile
  7. in same directory, after successful build (jar/InvIndex.jar should exist) run ./deploy
  8. go to ~/icecite/src/claudius+erik+ivo/java/PDFLibraryGUI and execute ./compile
  9. after successful compile, execute ./deploy.
  10. to run InvIndex, change to ~/icecite/deploy/invindex and execute ./run.
    PDFLibraryGUI should be work outmatically through tomcat after deploy.

extra: Completesearch


mkdir completesearch
cd completesearch
svn co
cd dblp
ln -s /nfs/raid1/completesearch/codebase .
cp $PATH_DBLP/dblp.xml .
cp $PATH_DBLP/dblp.dtd .
cp ~/icecite/src/claudius+erik+ivo/completesearch/Makefile .
make parser
make DB=dblp pall
make DB=dblp PORT=$PORT start

PDFLibrary additional info

setting up tomcat