Master Project Report

Code is available here- download

Here, in the folder named Code there are three sub folders which altogether control the BaseX Web Application.

Static, WEB-INF and DBA are the default installation folders, created when we install BaseX in the operating system. Among them, "Static" folders contribute to the web interface Style and "WEB-INF" contains the files to create a Jetty Web Server instance which by default listens on the port 8984. The other "DBA" folder contains all the main sub folders for Database Administrator functionality.

There are several sub folders inside this "DBA" folder. A short description of these subfolders are given below-

Static folder has the CSS for web app interface and also the javascript files.
Jobs-Users folder has the functionality to create an interface for overall user control procedure like drop pattern, create a user, stop a job, kill a session.
Files, Logs, Modules, Queries and Settings are also the default installation folders. BaseX uses "logs" folder to store log history of a user, the "files" and "modules" folders for deleting or uploading files and holding built-in module functions, the "queries" folder has the source file to give the flexible platform for typing query or executing and lastly "settings" folder holds file to manipulating user settings.
DATABASE folder has all the source codes for modifying XML database. Some common database operations source file like creating, dropping or altering are stored here. Here, database.xqm file is the gateway to other operations.
Resources is the subfolder inside this DATABASE which comprises the newly formed functions to improve XML database operation. These files and their functionalities have described earlier in the documentation page. For Example- removenan.xqm file performs the job for removing all NaN values from XML files where renamenode.xqm file responsible for renaming all existing node in the whole database with newly given name etc.