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We feed the properties we collected from the dataset using out Analyser in the Classifier to find suitable parameters for configuring CompleteSearch.
The problem to solve is essentially a classification problem, in which each column of the input file is assigned to the different CompleteSearch parameter classes.

For further details take a look at chapter 3 in thesis


The Classifier makes suggestions for the following parameter for each column in the initial input file to configure the CompleteSearch Web Application:

Parameter Value Range
full-text {true, false}
filter {true, false}
facets {true, false}
allow-multiple-items {true, false}
field-format {0, 1, 2} *
show {true, false}
excerpt {true, false}
ordering {0, 1, 2} **
url {true, false}
email {true, false}
label {true, false}

* Formats: 0: plain text 1: JSON 2: XML
** Ordering: 0: lexicographical 1: numerical 2: by date


Usage: ClassifierMain [mode] [parametersarameter]

Available modes: