QLever UI2

Quick Start

The easiest way to run QLever UI2 is to use the provided docker container.

First, make sure Docker is installed and running. This guide also expects docker-compose to be installed.

The docker-compose configuration expects the students nfs folder to be available in /nfs/students/. Additionaly, QLever UI2 needs QLever to be reachable to function correctly. You can configure its URL in the docker-compose.yml file.

To build and start the container, run

svn checkout https://ad-svn.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/student-projects/simon-selg qlever-ui2
cd qlever-ui2

# adjust URLs of qlever instance
vim docker-compose.yml

# build the docker-container if needed, and start it
docker-compose up

The App will be available on http://<machine ip>:8080.

Development Environment

For developing, a dockerless setup is recommended.

# install dependencies

# start the backend and the frontend dev server
yarn dev

Now the App will be available on http://localhost:8080.

The frontend supports hot-reloading. Just change a file in qlever-ui2-frontend/src/, and the change will be reflected inside the app. No page reload needed.