QLever UI2

Author: Simon Selg
Supervisor: Hannah Bast

QLever UI2 is a web-application which provides an intuitive, graphical way to construct and visualize queries against wikidata. It enables users to dive into the world of knowledgebases, without having to know the SPARQL query language.

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It provides query visualization, an interactive query construction assistant and query execution using QLever. It consists out of an User Interface (frontend) and a Backend Service (backend), which provides REST endpoints for the frontend.


To use QLever UI2, an user needs an up to date browser where javascript is enabled. The User Interface is responsive and adapts to different screen sizes, but a tablet or desktop is recommend for the best experience.

In order for the backend to run, a QLever Backend and a WikidataFrontend need to be reachable. For details check the backend documentation.